Sink or swim? International perspectives on global tax reform proposals (webinar)

July 16, 2021

Our global tax team discuss the current state of international tax reform efforts, enabling you to understand and evaluate the potential impact of recent proposals on your business, which will now impact on all businesses operating globally, not just the tech sector.

We discuss:
  • recent updates to the OECD’s Inclusive Framework efforts, including reported consensus among G7 and G20 jurisdictions as to significant elements of the Pillar One and Pillar Two proposals
  • how these proposals interact with Biden Administration proposals in its “Green Book”
  • the interaction of the OECD proposals with the recently finalized UN Article 12A
  • what the proposals mean for existing and proposed digital taxes
  • Andrea Baetscher
  • Ben Jones
  • Tim Kiely
  • Mary Monahan

Recorded 14 July 2021